The Challenge

Norb Hoppe (pronounced “hoppy”) is a home remodeling and fine cabinetry company working out of Cape Coral FL. I met Norb’s wife (at the time) Denise who commissioned me to build their website in 2013.

When they approached me, I knew that the number one thing to address was using the site as an image gallery—a digital brochure—so that Norb could showcase his work.

I received the images from the photographer and they each needed to be optimized and categorized to be displayed for the website. Image optimization is the process by which the images are made to be as small file size as possible to allow them to be downloaded as quickly as possible, but they still had to be high enough resolution to look good.

Here, you can see the website’s home page as the first image and the subsequent image gallery for each category. Once you clicked on any image in a gallery, it opened to show a slideshow.